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PPSM is a volunteer run organization.  Our livelihood and ability to advocate for proper care and treatment for women, men and families struggling with Pregnancy & Postpartum Mood & Anxiety Disorders is based on our members and volunteers.  Your membership dues and donations help provide us with the necessary funding to complete our mission. 

Becoming a Member and Volunteering within our organization will be a rewarding experience and have a positive impact on our mission.  Many of our volunteers are mothers, fathers, or family members who have been affected by PMADs and would like to help join in the fight against these powerful disorders.

Without volunteers, we would not be able to complete the events and advocacy that our organization provides.  It takes a team of dedicated and passionate individuals to make a difference. 

Volunteer and help us make a difference!  If you are interested in becoming a part of our volunteer network, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator:  Lauren Robbins at

We invite all mothers, fathers, family members, and friends of those who have been impacted by Pregnancy & Postpartum Mood & Anxiety
Disorders to help us make change.  To help us remove the stigma from PMADs, to provide all members of the State of MN with the best possible care available to them, and to bring awareness to the impact of PMADs. 

Volunteers are not required to be members of PPSM, however we would like to invite you to do so.  Volunteer membership for non-professionals is only $35 per year.  You will receive our monthly newsletter and stay in touch with all that we are busy doing within our organization on a daily basis.

Mental Health Emergency?  
  Go to the nearest Emergency Room
       Call 911      NAMI MN Crisis Resources (click here).

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